Rising Hawk Afterschool
Before School and After School programs are available to students currently enrolled in the Oyster River School District. ORCSD buses pick up before school students at Live & Learn for attendance at Mast Way and Moharimet Elementary School. Students who attend Moharimet Elementary or Middle School and are enrolled in our Afterschool Program take a bus from their respective schools to Mast Way.

Before School
Our Before School Program provides care starting at 7AM until the buses pick students up at approximately 8:30AM. Morning activities often include inside choice time as well as outside play time. Our Before School Program is located at the Main Site.

Our Afterschool Program relocated to Mast Way Elementary School in 1994, after twenty years at the main site. The program provides children a safe, fun, educational place to go after school. Children and staff work together to create a supportive and enjoyable environment where they can unwind, socialize with friends, and participate in a wide variety of activities.

The program is primarily run from the cafeteria and the gym; however, the group also has use of the playground and the North Commons.

The Afterschool program begins when school lets out at 3:00PM. Children are given time to unwind either in the gym or on the playground. Next we provide a nutritious snack accompanied by juice or milk. Children are involved in both the preparation and clean-up of snack. After snack the children move into choice activities such as sports, crafts, games or quiet time. Children may also choose to work on homework, but we do not monitor homework completion. Each day we attempt a challenge activity. During this time the children are asked to work in groups, either as one large group or broken into 2 or 3 smaller groups. Groups are then given a challenge which requires cooperation, communication and sharing of ideas which promote good group dynamics and continue to create a safe, positive community.

Children who participate in this program work together with staff to create a supportive, enjoyable space. Kids develop community by deciding on rules and expectations they think are important. The staff provides guidance to ensure that these expectations focus on the need for safety, respect and caring for the environment.

On early release days, as well as other times throughout the year, we use Afterschool time to take field trips. We have a 16 passenger van fully equipped with seat belts. Trips may include apple picking, hayrides, movies, service projects and visiting various natural ecosystems. Overall, the Afterschool program provides an excellent environment for children to unwind, socialize with friends and participate in a wide variety of activities after a long day at school. We encourage children to make their own decisions, and we provide them with the guidance and supervision they need to make wise choices.

Afterschool Schedule

3:05-3:45 Playground, unwind time
3:45-4:30 Snack, gym time
4:30-5:00 Free Choice
5:00-5:45 Activity including crafts, sports, games
5:45-6:00 Clean up
Full Day Programs During School Year
Live & Learn is willing to implement a full day program for school age children for school vacation weeks and teacher workshops. We do not run any programs on federal holidays (the teachers of Live & Learn are professional staff and receive paid holidays) or snow days when the main site is closed.

Optional field trips/activities might include going to town parks, the library, or a museum. A special visitor may come and the group may be split to do activities.

Full Day Schedule

7:30 -8:15 Drop off at main site, activity stations
8:15-9:15 Free Play
9:15-9:45 Snack/ Morning meeting
9:45-10:45 Outside
10:45-11:45 Activity
11:45-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:45 Quiet activities including reading, puzzles, board games or art activities.
1:45-2:45 Outside
3:00-5:30 Follow Afterschool schedule.